Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some examples of questions

– Yes, for all the services we provide you have to be 21 years of age or older. Also you must have a valid ID or Passport showing 21 or over for entry at all the clubs.

– The clubs enforse a strict nightclub attire dress code. For women, dresses with heels or jeans and a top and heels are preferred, and for men, a collared shirt, sports coat and nice jeans or pants.

What to avoid:
– Sportshoes
– Sportswear
– Shorts
– Hats
– Tennis Shoes
– Baggy Jeans
– Jerseys
– Flip Flops

-Yes, there is at least one club open each day of the week.

– Dayclubs are open 11am-6pm
– Nightclubs are open 10:30pm-4am

– When we set you up on the guestlist at the clubs, you just have to follow the instructions we provide and you will get the entry at the club. Remember to arrive early to ensure admittance, follow the dress code, bring ID.

– Almost every week, the boat party in Miami is happening on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But contact your promoter to make sure before sending a deposit.

– The Party Bus tours are private, you get the party bus exclusively for you and your group.